Wednesday, January 23, 2008

young texan in nyc...

Damian and i had a photo shoot with young Marcus the other day and i can't wait to see how the film comes out. I think Marcus looks like a 70's nyc hustler. I think thats a compliment...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

4:47 p.m.... goldsoundz

I love this time of day in the winter months. The suns about to set and everything has that golden glow to it and the sky is that shade of blue. We were wandering around Brooklyn close to the water where all the development is going down. We found this hallowed out spot, it looked like a bombed out street in Europe. We were trying to take photos but it was too gloves. I like the gold halosin certain parts of the photos or maybe i just like thinking about this day...

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Joanna came to my birthday celebration bearing one amazing handmade gift. She made me a terrarium made with love. For all you folks out there that don't know what a terrarium is, get with it!

It's a plant which takes up residence in a glass jar or container and you can observe it as much as you want. Mine comes with two little dudes. I felt extra special after joanna told me she stole Matt's change jar for my special lil gift. She said she had been eyeing it for a while.

They are super low maintenance... I spray it once a week and open the lid once and while. I can't wait to try and make one myself. I just have to find that one perfect container. Maybe Damian's change jar...

Check out Joanna's awesome drawing blog here...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

If they were me and I was you, Would you have liked a present too...

I love holidays and birthday's and celebrations in general. Not so, when it comes to my birthday celebrations. I feel like my birthday lands in a really strange, broke, partied out pocket of time. Everyone is reflecting on the year past and contemplating on what they can improve in the new year. Plus, you feel a little chubby and your cash flow has stopped flowing. But this is an momentous birthday and i feel like it should be celebrated. When Damian asked me what i wanted to do i said, " I want to have a photo happening. "

1. something that happens; occurrence; event.
2. an unconventional dramatic or artistically orchestrated performance, often a series of discontinuous events involving audience participation.
3. any event considered worthwhile, unusual, or interesting.

Thank you to my friends and Damian for giving me the best birthday ever! Everyone had an amazing time and i think it got some out of the new years funk they found themselves in.

Amazing birthday invite Sonia made for the party...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

So long...farewell...auf weidersehen goodbye...

I just received my last issue of Blueprint in the mail and It's such a great issue! I know that we've had a month or so to get use to the news but holding the last issue in my hands today really bummed me out. The magazine is laid out so well and it really caters to our age group so well ( even my boyfriend looks forward to it). It made me think of when " My So Called Life" was cancelled back in 95'. Such a great show and ahead of it's time. I was so upset back then and i remember thinking it wasn't given a chance. Remember, they cancelled it right when Angela and Jordan Catalano started dating officially. I think Blueprint Wasn't given a chance and thats that!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This will be our year, took a long time to come...

There's something so fresh and exciting and contemplative about the new year. This brings on the new years resolution. Which is kind of b.s. but if i can keep a couple of them, then i'm improving myself and thats what life is all about. Plus, i love making list.

- Learn my new computer inside and out
- Master photoshop
- Nurture and launch Corta Odio
- Take more photos and acquire more photo equipment
- Keep in touch with family and friends more / write Thank You notes
- Start a fitness regimen ( not super intense )
- Conquer crochet
- Open a Etsy store
- Travel to a new destination
- Appreciate and love Damian even more than i already do
- Listen to more new music like i use to ( the last couple of years i've only been listening to old stuff )
- Use my sewing machine more

I know, It's kind of a tall order but it's all positive.