Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Change Is Gonna Come

Damian played this song for me the other day, it's one of my favorite Sam Cooke songs and i hadn't heard it in ages. I couldn't help but start thinking about the upcoming election and how badly I want, we need Obama to win. Damian also shared a little factoid about the song, apparently Sam Cooke wrote the song after hearing Dylan's " Blowing in the Wind ". He was so moved by the song and by the fact that a white man could write such a poignant song about racism in America that he wrote " A Change Is Gonna Come ". As i find myself obsessing about the election with CNN constantly on my computer monitor, I listen to this song and think about the true change this country needs and i think Obama can bring that change. I know it sounds naive but my soul has been stirred and i have in some ways reverted to that girl in high school who kids would call freedom fighter as they rolled their eyes.