Monday, January 22, 2007

Birthday part 1.

This was my first visit ever to the Bronx! I was quite exited and couldn't get Boogie Down Productions out of my head. We went to the Tropicalia show and it was worth the trip ( tons of Os Mutantes performance footage)! The show also rekindled my obsession with visiting Sao Paulo.

Birthday part 2.

Our second stop was The Butterfly exhibit at The Natural History Museum. We learned all you need to know about butterflies and found ourselves in some butterfly trance. We literally had to be kicked out of the exhibit. My hair fell victim to the humid room and Damian found out he has a flare for nature photography.

birthday key lime pie!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Eye on Europe show...

I've acquired a new thrill recently! Some people shoot up, some people jump out of airplanes for a thrill, I take photos in art galleries and museums. We get yelled at and followed sometimes but that's part of the fun. Damian and I are quite good at it! I think we would make exceptional spies!